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Contest "The Future of tanks"
Game developers have announced the beginning of a creative competition "The future tanks." The competition is confined to the fact that in the near future in the game, new models of vehicles. We represent your best work heed competition.
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Tanki Online wallpapers
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And now we'll talk about the bonus boxes.
From this day, the logic of the falling of (crystals, consumables, gold) bonus boxes has changed.

-Now, crystal boxes drop constantly and not like in the past that every 6 crystals of the fund a certain amount crystals would fall at once*.
-Bonus boxes (first aid kit, double damage, double armor, nitro) will fall at random intervals without reference to time and will not fall all at once.

Reade more>>
Category: Stuff | Views: 5466 | Date: 31.05.2012 | Comments (3)

April 12 - the day when man first touched the mysteries of outer space. The "Tanki Online" team is ready to surprise its players. Tankmen, on this day you will find an update in the form of new billboards and a beautiful "holiday" paint. On the map, "Space Madness" the skybox will start rotating, further enhancing the effect of weightlessness.
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Alternativa3D 8.27.0 with shadows and alpha-test

Continuing this week’s long-awaited release of the new version of the engine Alternativa3D. It implements the shadow of the directional light needed, for example, to correct image shadows in the sunlight. We also added the ability to draw using the alpha-test technology, and the two-pass alpha-test. This solves the problem of sorting when rendering translucent objects such as leaves of trees.

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Today I decided to give you a little geography lesson and tell you about some Tanki Online maps.
Not everyone knows that six of the maps in the game are named after locations in the Perm region, the home of "Tanki Online”.
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Art from Tanki online
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