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About the bonus boxes and gold box
And now we'll talk about the bonus boxes.
From this day, the logic of the falling of (crystals, consumables, gold) bonus boxes has changed.

-Now, crystal boxes drop constantly and not like in the past that every 6 crystals of the fund a certain amount crystals would fall at once*.
-Bonus boxes (first aid kit, double damage, double armor, nitro) will fall at random intervals without reference to time and will not fall all at once.*
-And of course the "gold" box. Gold will not drop at 700, as it was before. Now the "gold" may fall at any point in the game. During testing the probability equation, the "gold" box fell with the fund at 800 , and at 600, and even at 30, and at 1100.*
- The mechanism brings us to that the crystals, and gold bonuses, on average, will fall as much as before, but more or less frequently - now depends only on luck, as it depends on probability.
All these changes were introduced with the boxes in order to completely prevent the movement of "gold diggers". In addition, we strive to make all these "bonuses" more "bonus" for example the Kinder Egg - if it was written on the package which toy was inside, its popularity would have slipped to a minimum.

New place with gold box

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where do the gold boxes fall most often?

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